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We want Fenland to be a clean, green and safe place to live.

You can discuss environmental issues with our Street Scene team by emailing

Our dog control PSPO is there to ensure that everyone can enjoy our parks and open spaces. It means that owners must clear up after their dogs and keep them under control.
How to deal with common types of pests
Guidance for resolving high hedges disputes
How to deal with blocked drains and flooding
Public toilet information and opening hours
The Green Dog Walkers Scheme is a non-confrontational and friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling
Street Pride gives volunteers the opportunity to make a difference to their local environment by holding clean up events and getting involved in environmental enhancement projects
How to deal with lost or stray dogs
What to do if you are affected by a noise, smoke, smell or light problem
Information about usage of the sluice room and drinking water
Information about sewage treatment works and pumping stations within Fenland

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