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Abandoned vehicles

If you have reason to believe a vehicle is abandoned, report it to us.

Abandoned Vehicle

There is no legal definition of an abandoned vehicle. However, it would be reasonable to believe a vehicle to be abandoned if it has no traceable owner or claim of ownership over it. A vehicle may be considered abandoned if:

  • There is no current vehicle keeper on DVLA records
  • It has not moved for a significant amount of time
  • It has sustained significant damage or vandalism, or is run down or unroadworthy
  • It is burnt out
  • It has no number plates
  • It has a poor interior condition (e.g damaged or containing waste)
  • It has not been left temporarily as a result of an accident or breakdown
  • Mould or vegetation is present (especially on window or door seals, or on the surface under the vehicle)
  • Its location or position suggests it has been abandoned

What the Council will do

The Council has a statutory duty to remove vehicles they believed to be abandoned, except where the cost to remove to the nearest carriageway would be unreasonably high - e.g where a recovery vehicle cannot access, or if specialist services are required.

If a registered keeper is found, the Council will write to them giving them notice of our intention to remove the vehicle. However, we are able to remove any vehicle believed to be abandoned on a public road without notice if necessary (Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.) This is also the case for vehicles on private land with consent by the landowner or occupier.

When a vehicle is stored by our contractor, the Council may dispose of it as it sees fit after 21 days.

When not to contact the Council

Please contact the Police instead of the Council if a vehicle is causing an obstruction or moving traffic offence, or being driven illegally (untaxed, uninsured etc).

iCM Form
  1. Your details
  2. Vehicle information (if known)
    1. VEHICLE REGISTRATION GUIDANCE - Please make sure that you enter the full vehicle registration number, failure to do so may mean that we cannot action this request.
  3. Vehicle location
    1. Please provide as much detail as possible. You can also locate the vehicle on the map below.
    2. Fenland District Council will need the land owner's consent in order to remove an abandoned vehicle from private land. A fee for charged for this service.