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Play Areas

We offer a variety of equipment across over 40 play areas

If you spot a problem in one of our play areas, please report it to us online or call us on 01354 654321. 

Play areas in Fenland

  • High Street, Benwick
  • Cricketers Way, Chatteris
  • Furrowfields, Chatteris
  • Hunters Close, Chatteris
  • Huntingdon Road, Chatteris
  • Larham Way, Chatteris
  • St Paul's Drive, Chatteris
  • Wenny Recreation Ground, Chatteris
  • Willey Terrace, Chatteris
  • North Green, Coates
  • South Green, Coates
  • Beech Avenue, Doddington
  • Walden Close, Doddington
  • Springfields, Eastrea
  • Thornham Way, Eastrea
  • West Drive, Friday Bridge
  • Williams Way, Manea
  • Alberts Drive, March
  • Dagless Way, March
  • Gaul Road, March
  • North Drive, March
  • Robingoodfellows Lane, March
  • Southwell Close, March
  • The Avenue, March
  • West End Park, March
  • Murrow Bank, Murrow
  • Main Road, Parson Drove
  • Burdett Grove, Whittlesey
  • Manor Recreation Ground, Whittlesey
  • Pinewood Avenue, Whittlesey
  • Snowley Park, Whittlesey
  • Station Road, Whittlesey
  • Tower Recreation Ground, Whittlesey
  • Honeymead Road, Wimblington
  • Barton Road, Wisbech
  • Bath Road, Wisbech
  • Burcroft Road, Wisbech
  • Conference Way, Wisbech
  • Heron Road, Wisbech
  • Jasmin Close, Wisbech
  • Malt Drive, Wisbech
  • Westmead Avenue, Wisbech
  • Wisbech Park

Skate parks

We also offer skate park facilities in:

  • Huntingdon Road (Chatteris)
  • North Drive and West End Park (March)
  • Manor Recreation Ground (Whittlesey)
  • Bath Road (Wisbech)

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