Club Premises Certificate

You need to apply for a club premises certificate if you're a social, sporting or political members club

A Club Premises Certificate is required if a club:

  • supplies alcohol by or on behalf of the club to a member of that club
  • sells alcohol by or on behalf of the club to a guest of a member of the club for consumption on the club premises
  • where the provision of 'regulated entertainment' is by or on behalf of a club for its members of the club and their guests

The main difference between a Club Premises Certificate and a Premises Licence is that clubs may not sell alcohol to members of the public. The club may only supply alcohol to members and their guests. 

Several criteria must be met for a club to qualify for a 'club certificate'. This is set out in Section 62 of the Licensing Act 2003:

  • Nobody can be admitted as a member without an interval of at least two days after their nomination or application for membership
  • A person admitted as a member other than by prior nomination, or application, must wait at least two days before enjoying the privileges of membership
  • The club is established and conducted in good faith as a club (as under Section 63). These matters include:
    • the club's freedom to purchase alcohol
    • how money or property belonging to the club is used
    • giving members information about club finances
    • the clubs' accounts
    • the nature of the premises
  • The club has at least 25 members 
    • If the membership falls below 25, the withdrawal of club status will not have effect until 3 months after we give notice. It will not have effect if by the end of three months the membership numbers are 25 or above (Section 90)
  • No alcohol is supplied, or intended to be supplied, on the club premises except by or on behalf of the club

Apply for a Club Premises Certificate

To apply for a club premises certificate, please complete the application form and a Icon for word club certificate declaration [85.5KB].

A club premises certificate lasts until withdrawn. It may be surrendered by returning it to us with a 'notice of surrender'.

The fee depends on the banding of the property:

  • Band A - £100
  • Band B - £190
  • Band C - £315
  • Band D - £450
  • Band E - £635

Vary a Club Premises Certificate

Once a club premises certificate has been granted, you can apply to Icon for word vary the operating schedule [403KB]

The fees are the same as they are for new applications (listed above). 

Report changes to the club

The club secretary must tell us about any changes to the club's rules, name or address. It is an offence not to do this within 28 days and could lead to a fine.

Please email us at or write to the Licensing Team at Fenland Hall, County Road, March, PE15 8NQ. 

The club certificate must accompany these changes. If this is not possible, you will need to explain why.

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