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The Document Library provides a directory of documents relevant to the emerging Local Plan, including the evidence base, consultation documents and other statutory documents.

New documents will be added to the document library as work on the Local Plan progresses. 

Core Documents

TypeThemeRefDocument TitleDate
Core DocLocal Plan StagesCD01-1 Issues & Options Consultation Document (PDF) [3MB] Oct 19
Core DocLocal Plan StagesCD01-2Issues & Options Key Issues Report Feb 20
Core DocStatutory DocCD02-1 Local Development Scheme (PDF) [25KB] Feb 19
Core DocStatutory DocCD02-2 Local Development Scheme Update (PDF) [457KB] Jul 20
Core DocStatutory DocCD02-3 Local Development Scheme Update (2022) (PDF) [225KB] Feb 22
Core DocStatutory DocCD03-1 Statement of Community Involvement (PDF) [744KB] Jul 18
Core DocStatutory DocCD04-1 Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (PDF) [18MB] Oct 19
Core DocStatutory DocCD04-2Sustainability Appraisal Aug 22
Core DocLocal PlanCD05-1 Draft Local Plan (PDF) [12MB] Aug 22
Core DocLocal PlanCD05-2 Draft Local Plan Statement of Representation Procedure (PDF) [77KB] Aug 22
Core DocLocal PlanCD05-3Draft Local Plan Key Issues Raised ReportMay 23
Core DocLocal PlanCD06-1Draft Local Plan Policies MapAug 22
Core DocLocal PlanCD06-2Draft Local Plan Policies Maps insetAug 22
Core DocLocal PlanCD07-1a Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Main Report (PDF) [1MB] Aug 22
Core DocLocal PlanCD07-1b Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Appendices (PDF) [1MB] Aug 22

Primary Evidence

TypeThemeRefDocument TitleDate
Primary EvidenceSite AssessmentPE01-01 Site Assessment Methodology Report (PDF) [1MB] Oct 19
Primary EvidenceSite AssessmentPE01-02aStrategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (Stage 1)Feb 20
Primary EvidenceSite AssessmentPE01-02bAddendum to Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) Stage 1Sept 20
Primary EvidenceSite AssessmentPE01-02c Stage 1 SHELAA Report Update May 2023 (PDF) [2MB] May 23
Primary EvidenceSite AssessmentPE01-3

Strategic Housing Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) Stage 2 and all sites by settlement

Aug 22
Primary EvidenceSite AssessmentPE01-4 Sites Evidence Report (PDF) [1MB] Aug 22
Primary EvidenceViabilityPE02-1 Early Draft Viability Assessment (PDF) [14MB] Oct 19
Primary EvidenceViabilityPE02-2 Local Plan and CIL Viability Report (PDF) [41MB] Dec 19
Primary EvidenceViabilityPE02-3 Local Plan & CIL Viability Report consultation Apr-May 2020: Key Issues Report (PDF) [852KB] May 20
Primary EvidenceViabilityPE02-4 Fenland Local Viability Note (PDF) [652KB] May 22
Primary EvidenceOpen SpacePE03-1Local Green Space Submissions ReportFeb 20
Primary EvidenceOpen SpacePE03-2 Local Green Space Evidence Report (PDF) [679KB] May 22
Primary EvidenceHousingPE04-1Housing Needs of Specific Groups reportOct 21
Primary EvidenceHousingPE05-1 Fenland Employment Needs Report (PDF) [1MB] Nov 21
Primary EvidenceInfrastructurePE06-1 Fenland Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) (PDF) [1MB] June 22
Primary EvidenceFive Year Land SupplyPE07-1 Local Plan Five Year Land Supply (PDF) [818KB] July 22
Primary EvidenceHierarchyPE08-1 Survey of Fenland Settlements Existing Services and Facilities (PDF) [740KB] May 22
Primary EvidenceBoundariesPE09-1 Local Plan Settlement Boundaries Evidence Report (PDF) [265KB] May 22
Primary EvidenceRetailPE10-1 Fenland Town Centre Hierarchy Study (PDF) [3MB] May 22
Primary EvidenceOpen SpacePE11-1 Open Space Survey (PDF) [17MB]  July 22
Primary EvidenceFlood RiskPE12-1 Fenland Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Level 1) (PDF) [7MB] . View the accompanying maps.Aug 22
Primary EvidenceWaterPE13-1 Water Cycle Study (WCS) (PDF) [6MB] . View the accompanying maps.Aug 22
Primary EvidenceTransportPE14-1 Transport Study (PDF) [2MB] Aug 22

Secondary Evidence

TypeThemeRefDocument TitleDate
Secondary EvidenceBroad Concept PlanSE01-1 East Chatteris BCP (PDF) [9MB] Feb 17
Secondary EvidenceBroad Concept PlanSE01-2 East Wisbech BCP (PDF) [22MB] May 18
Secondary EvidenceBroad Concept PlanSE01-3 West March BCP (PDF) [9MB] Aug 21
Secondary EvidenceBroad Concept PlanSE01-4 South Wisbech BCP (PDF) [772KB] Apr 15
Secondary EvidenceGrowing FenlandSE02-1 Growing Fenland - Chatteris (PDF) [1MB] Jan 20
Secondary EvidenceGrowing FenlandSE02-2 Growing Fenland - March (PDF) [836KB] Jan 20
Secondary EvidenceGrowing FenlandSE02-3 Growing Fenland - Whittlesey (PDF) [894KB] Jan 20
Secondary EvidenceGrowing FenlandSE02-4 Growing Fenland - Wisbech (PDF) [1MB] Jan 20


TypeThemeRefDocument TitleDate
MonitoringAuthorities Monitoring ReportM01-01 Fenland Authorities Monitoring Report (2020/21) (PDF) [1MB] Feb 22
MonitoringFive Year Land SupplyM02-01 Five Year Land Supply 2021 (PDF) [1MB] Sep 21


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