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Minor Variation - Premises Licence

A licence can be varied for a number of reasons as per below, if the variation is going to have an no effect on the Licensing objectives then you can apply for a minor variation

  • the structure of a building but no increase to the licensable area
  • licensable hours being reduced
  • changes to the licence conditions
  • licensable activities being removed guidance - alcohol licensing will provide you a summary of the regulations.

Application fees

The fee for this application is £89.

Document Checklist

Before submitting your application please ensure you have the relevant documents and they are ready to be uploaded during the next stage:

1. A Plan of the Premises (only applicable if the structure and layout is changing as part of the variation)

Your plans do not need to be professionally drawn. However please submit in the following format:

  • The plan should be drawn in a standard scale (unless agreed otherwise with your Licensing Officer). 1 millimetre should represent 100 millimetres
  • You can use symbols to show information
  • You don't need to show areas that aren't part of the premises you are licensing
  • You should describe areas you intend to provide for people to drink alcohol sold or supplied by you

The plan must show:

  • The building boundary (and the premises perimeter, if different). If relevant, show external and internal walls of the building 
  • Access and egress points, including any other escape routes
  • Fixed structures (including furniture) or similar that may impact on people using exit or escape routes
  • The location and height of any stages or raised areas (from the floor)
  • Where each licensable activity will take place (if more than one)
  • Steps, stairs, elevators or lifts
  • The location of public toilets
  • The location and type of fire safety and other safety equipment
  • The location of the kitchen (if applicable)

How to Apply

You may wish to refer to the  Guidance Notes - Minor Variation (Word doc) [67KB]  for this application.

Apply online for a Minor Variation Application

Alternatively you can download a paper applications form  Minor Variation Application Form (Word doc) [58KB]

Advertising your application

As part of the application process you must advertise your application by:

  1. Display a statutory notice at your premises, it must be easily viewed from the outside. You can download a notice template which must be printed on white paper. This must be displayed continuously for 10 working days from the day after the application was submitted.

Public Notice Template - Minor Variation of a Premises Licence (Word doc) [32KB]

Consultation Process

On the day after an application is received, a 10 working day consultation period begins allowing comments or 'representations' to be made about the application by the responsible authorities. During this time, the responsible authorities will work with you to ensure your proposals are in line with the four licensing objectives.

If no comments are received during this period, the application will be deemed granted after the last date for representations and your licence will be issued and sent to you.

If relevant representations are received within the 10 working day consultation period, we will attempt to mediate between the parties to try and find a suitable solution. If the mediation is unsuccessful then your application will be refused by the Licensing Manager.

If you still wish to apply for the variation then please apply using the Full Variation application process.

When you make an application, the details of the application will be published on our website and the information on any licence granted will be included in a public register.



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