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Report Anti Social Behaviour

Information about anti-social behaviour and how to report it

Community Safety

It is difficult to say exactly what anti-social behaviour is. This is because people's tolerance levels are different.

Anti-social behaviour is usually defined as:

  • A person causing (or is likely to cause) harassment, alarm or distress to someone outside their household
  • Conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance

We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously.

Report anti-social behaviour

In certain cases, the best way to stop anti-social behaviour is to politely talk to the individual(s) responsible. Calmly discussing the behaviour and its impact can stop it from happening. Do not try this if it puts you in danger. 

A number of organisations work together to deal with anti-social behaviour. This includes Fenland District Council, the police and housing associations.

Who to contact depends on your situation, the type of behaviour and the impact it is having.

If you live in social housing, contact your housing association first. They can help with issues such as neighbour disputes, untidy gardens, boundary disagreements, noise nuisance and tenancy breaches. 

Some activities, although unpleasant, may not be considered anti-social behaviour. This means they are dealt with by different teams within the Council.