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We're looking for people keen to promote recycling in their local area

Recycling pledge

Do you live in Fenland? Want to recycle more, but don't have time? You can help a lot by taking the recycling pledge!

The Getting It Sorted volunteer pledge is about committing to yourself to recycle more. It also asks you to help someone that you know to recycle more. 

We'll send you a pack with information about recycling. You'll also receive regular 'Sorted e-news' with easy tips to support you in your recycling efforts. 

Getting It Sorted volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help with events, school assemblies and recycling demonstrations. There are a variety of roles, ranging from gentle to more energetic. These include:

  • doing recycling checks on your street
  • giving advice about recycling
  • sharing your knowledge with schools and community groups
  • raising awareness of recycling at fetes and fairs

We will provide full training. You may need a DBS check for some roles or if you will be working with children. 

For more information please contact Amy Robinson at or calling 01354 654321. 

We also offer other volunteering roles in the Council. You could help with litter picking or gardening by joining a local Street Pride group. 

Top recycling tips

Here's some handy hints to help you to recycle more:

  • Keep recycling clean, dry and loose. This makes it easier to recycle. Putting food or dirty items in your blue bin ruins the recycling
  • Make sure you use a Fenland District Council clear recycling sack for any extra items. You can order these for free. Items in other sacks may not be recycled. This is because staff may not know what materials are in it. 
  • Not sure if a wrapper can be recycled? Do the 'scrunch test'! Scrunch it into a ball and let go. If it stays in a ball, it is paper or tinfoil so can be recycled. If it pops out, it's plastic - this can't be recycled
  • Take old clothes to a local clothes bank. This will raise money for a good cause. Don't worry if they have a hole in them - if they are clean they can be recycled

Find out what happens to your recycling.

Our Getting It Sorted volunteers have also developed a website that explains what you can recycle in your blue bin.

Looking for more useful information and tips? Check out our Cambridgeshire Recycling Workshop on YouTube!

If you have questions or would like a Getting It Sorted volunteer to attend your event, please email

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest events and recycling tips. #FenlandDistrictCouncil #GettingItSorted

Composting your rubbish

You can either make your own or buy a compost bin. The type of bin you have will affect what you can put in it. There's lots of useful advice on the Recycle Now website.

Shredded paper can't be recycled in your blue bin because it's too small. However, it makes great 'brown layers' in your compost. Layer a green material (e.g grass or vegetable waste) with a layer of 'brown' (e.g shredded paper or cardboard pizza boxes) to improve the compost quality. 

Worried about rats? Keep your compost wet - they don't like it. Whilst more expensive, a 'hot compost bin' is rat resistant and quickly breaks down food waste. 

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