What happens to your waste and recycling


Materials in your blue bin are taken to a transfer station in March. They are then moved to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Waterbeach run by our contractors, Amey LG. 

The material is then sorted by type. It is sold to re-processors to be turned into recycled goods such as newspapers and plastic bottles. 


Garden waste is composted within the eastern region to produce a soil improver sold to farmers and available at household waste sites.

Treatment and landfill

Non-recyclable waste from your green bin is treated to reduce its volume and biological activity. It is then sent to landfill. Find out more more about how items are processed.

Schools and community groups

Our Getting It Sorted volunteers offer free talks to schools and community groups. They can also loan games and workshop props to help teach about recycling. For more information please email 

The Amey LG site in Waterbeach offer free visits to their education centre. Visitors can see their recycling machines in action and take part in fun interactive sessions. Full site tours are also available. 

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