Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

You need a Temporary Event Notice to carry out a 'licensable activity' in unlicensed premises

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is a notice of the intention to carry out licensable activities in:

  • unlicensed premises; or
  • licensed premises for activities or operating times not covered by the premises licence

Fenland District Council is the licensing authority for TENs in the Fenland District.

A TEN may be needed when:

  • alcohol is served to individuals or members of a private club
  • entertainment is provided (e.g music, dancing, indoor sports events)
  • hot food is served between 11pm and 5am
  • an activity isn't covered by an existing licence (e.g a wedding reception in a community centre)

Types of TEN

There are two types of TEN: standard and late.

Standard TENs must be received at least 10 working days before the scheduled event.

Late TENs must be received between 9 working days and 5 working days before the scheduled event.

These timescales cannot count the day of submission or the event. 

There are limits to a TEN:

  • the maximum number of people attending (including staff) must not exceed 499 at any one time
  • the maximum number of TENs per premises is 15 per calendar year
  • the maximum length of a TEN is 168 hours (7 days)
  • personal licence holder can submit up to 50 TENs. This includes 10 late TENs
  • people aged 18 or over can submit up to 5 TENs. This includes 2 late TENs

Apply for a TEN

You can apply online or by completing a Icon for word paper application form [219.5KB]. If you apply using a paper form, you also need to send:

  • 2 copies of your application form to the Licensing team (Fenland Hall, County Road, March, PE15 8NQ)
  • 1 copy to the Environmental Health team (same address as above)
  • 1 copy to the Police (Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Licensing Officer, Partnership & Operational Support Team, Licensing & Events Planning, Thorpewood Police Station, Peterborough, PE3 6SD)

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