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Rest Centres

What to do if you're evacuated from your home in an emergency.

If a major emergency happened in Fenland, people may need evacuating to a place of safety as a precautionary measure. The Police and Emergency Services would make the decision to evacuate. Special arrangements would be made for the sick, frail or disabled. 

If you're asked to leave your home

If the Police ask you to leave your home, please co-operate and do so. Your safety is their responsibility and they will only ask you to leave if it is essential for your own safety. 

If there is time, take any medicines, warm clothes, special foods or personal documents with you. Make sure fires are out and switch off gas and electricity, leaving your property secure. If you have elderly or disabled neighbours, check that they are alright or tell the emergency services they need help.

People evacuated will be initially taken to a temporary place of safety (such as a village hall or public house) by the Police. If there is a significant number of evacuees, the council's Emergency Duty Officer would then open a Rest Centre.

Rest Centres

A Rest Centre is designed to offer temporary accommodation to people who are displaced by an emergency. Rest Centres are managed by Fenland District Council who provide staff, accommodation and resources to give shelter whilst normality is being restored.

If you were to be evacuated and to decide not to go to a Rest Centre, please let somebody know where you are going so that you can be accounted for. 


You can bring pets to a Rest Centre in an emergency, but they will be kept separate from public areas. Like us, pets are likely to feel stress at being taken into unfamiliar surroundings. Depending on the length of the evacuation, the Council will try and find alternative accommodation for pets such as the Blue Cross, SIPCO etc. If you have time before evacuation, please make sure your pet has a suitable cage/carrier or lead/muzzle to safely control it in a public place.

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