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New bins

How to buy new bins for a property or development


For any colour, we charge:

  • £35 for one bin
  • £58 for two bins
  • £80 for three bins (full set)

Please email or call 01354 654321 to make an order. 

The law allows us to charge for supplying bins. This helps to cover the cost of the 500-600 deliveries we make a year. 

If you live in a house of 5 or more people and have too much recycling to fit in your blue bin, you may be able to get a second blue bin.

Bins in rented properties

Your landlord should provide bins. If you move to a property without bins, we can give you temporary sacks until bins are supplied. 

We can't make landlords buy bins. You will need to pay for them yourself if they refuse. 

Moving to a property without bins

The previous owner should have left the bins at the property. If they haven't, contact your conveyancer or solicitor. They can ask for the bins to be returned.

We can give you temporary sacks if your bins are missing. You will need to buy new bins if the old ones aren't returned. 

Developers usually provide bins in new properties. 

Landlords and property developers

Landlords and developers should buy bins for new properties. This forms part of the planning conditions.

The size and type of bins required depend on the type of property and the number of residents. Advice is available in the RECAP Waste Management Design Guide.

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