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How to vote

There are a few different ways that you can choose to vote in an election

For all of them, you must make sure that you are registered to vote

Find my polling station

Find your polling station with our postcode look up tool. You can also find your polling station details on your polling card

In person

This is the traditional way to vote in the United Kingdom

By post

You must be on the register of electors to arrange a postal vote

By proxy (on your behalf)

You can allow someone to vote on your behalf (by proxy). To do this, you and your proxy must be on the Register of Electors

Emergency proxy

In certain cases you can apply for an emergency proxy vote

Accessibility at polling stations

Everyone should be able to register and cast their vote without facing barriers. They should be able to vote on their own and in secret. The Elections Act 2022 introduces changes to further assist disabled voters at polling stations.

If you can't provide a signature (waiver application)

If you can't provide a signature, or it is inconsistent, you can apply for a waiver application

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