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Monitoring Reports and Land Supply

View our Annual Monitoring information and our Five Year Land Supply report

The Fenland district covers an area of 546 sq km (211 sq miles). We are one of the leading districts in Cambridgeshire in the provision of renewable energy, particularly wind energy.

Fenland's Monitoring Reports

We produce a Monitoring Report every year. This provides a review of:

  • performance and progress against the timetables set out in the Local Development Scheme (LDS);
  • how well the strategy, objectives and policies in Local Development Documents are being delivered;
  • progress on the preparation of documents associated with the Local Plan;
  • the need to update the LDS

The Research team at Cambridgeshire County Council also produce a wide range of County and District wide statistics and reports.

Land supply 

Our Icon for pdf Five Year Housing Land Supply Report 2021 [1.49MB] (September 2021) sets out our latest position on housing land supply, including that for Gypsies and Travellers.

Housing delivery test

In 2019, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) introduced a requirement of Housing Delivery Test (HDT).  This measures net additional dwellings provided in the Fenland area against the homes required, using national statistics and local authority data. 

The latest HDT results were published in January 2021, please see the Housing Delivery Test: 2020 Measurement for further information. This shows that Fenland District Council's result is 98%.

National Policy states that where HDT results fall below 95%, we must prepare an action plan to assess the causes for under delivery and to identify actions that could help increase delivery in the future. In 2019 we achieved 92% and prepared the following Action Plan:

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