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Heritage Statements

A heritage statement is needed if works will impact a heritage asset

A Heritage Statement is needed if proposed works will impact a heritage asset (or assets) or the setting of a heritage asset (or assets). It must satisfy the requirements of Policy LP18 - Fenland Local Plan 2014 and Paragraph 189 of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) (Feb 2019).

You need a Heritage Statement if your proposals will affect:

For Listed Buildings, this is:

  • Listed building consent applications
  • Any planning application that would affect a listed building
  • Wind turbines within a 3km radius of a listed building
  • Applications that would affect the 'setting' of a listed building (e.g adjacent on its site, within its grounds or would have an obvious impact)

For Conservation Areas, this is:

  • All planning applications
  • Applications for advertisement consent
  • Applications outside a conservation area but would impact its setting
  • Wind turbines within a 3km radius of a conservation area

All planning applications on a SAM site need a Heritage Statement. It is also needed for any planning application that would impact a SAM site.

Information needed in a Heritage Statement

The level of detail required depends on your application. A Heritage Statement should explain your proposal and:

  • Explain the heritage asset/s affected and its/their significance
  • Describe the heritage asset/s setting (if relevant)
  • Research the planning history of the building/site
  • Explain any impact on the interest of the heritage asset
  • Explain how you will protect/minimise harm to the asset (and its setting)
  • Include photographs (for reference or to clarify information)
  • An assessment (desk-based or field) if a site is of potential archaeological interest
  • Show how the proposal complies with:
    • Statutory requirements
    • Local Plan policy
    • NPPF policy
    • Other material considerations

Proposals involving comprehensive works to a listed building also need a:

  • Full architectural appraisal of the building. This should show the building's history and evolution
  • Schedule of works
  • Full photographic record of the building

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