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Conservation Areas

A conservation area has special architectural or historic interest

A conservation area is recognised as having "special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance."

The Local Planning Authority usually identifies a conservation area. These areas are protected under the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Area) Act 1990.

An area's 'special character' is formed through its:

  • Settlement formation
  • Buildings
  • Street scene
  • Historical land
  • Open spaces, gardens and trees

Living in a conservation area

Planning controls are tighter in a conservation area. This gives more control over:

  • Demolition
  • Tree protection
  • Development
  • Minor works (e.g cladding a building, inserting dormers, attaching satellite dishes)

By law, the local planning authority must consider if works will interfere with the character or appearance of a conservation area. These factors will affect the application decision.

View information from English Heritage about living in a conservation area.

Conservation areas in Fenland

There are 10 conservation areas in Fenland. They apply to historic parts of:

Appraisals and management plans

A conservation area appraisal explains the special qualities of the area. This could relate to architecture or history. This information is designed for the public and planning specialists.

A management plan suggests how changes, issues and proposed enhancements in a conversation area should be managed. Its aim is to ensure the area keeps its special qualities.

Both documents are used in the planning application and appeal process.

Some of Fenland's conservation area appraisals and plans need updating. The most recent documents are:

For copies of other conservation appraisals that are not listed, please email 

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