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Article 4 Directions

An Article 4 Direction is a planning power for unlisted dwelling houses

It can apply to a single house or a larger area.

An Article 4 Direction is only used for areas or buildings with significant historic quality or character.

Article 4 Directions give greater control over planning alterations. This is because they can remove 'permitted development' rights. As a result, small extensions and alterations in a conservation area may need planning permission. Examples include:

  • erecting a porch
  • replacing doors or windows
  • painting the outside of a building

An Article 4 (2) Direction was approved in 2002. It applies to dwelling houses in Wisbech and Bowthorpe conservation areas. This means that planning permission is needed for:

  • replacing a window (if fronting a highway, waterway or open space)
  • making the property bigger
  • changing a roof
  • erecting a porch
  • removing a stack
  • works relating to access, gates, fences and walls

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