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Make a food complaint

If you've bought food that you think is unfit, unwholesome or contaminated, or have eaten in a restaurant where you are concerned about hygiene, then the Council can investigate. This section also explains what happens to do if you think you have suffered food poisoning.

Food complaint

What can the Council help you with?

We investigate complaints about food premises that relate to food safety. This could include food that:

  • contains foreign bodies (e.g stones, glass, insects, hair, plasters)
  • is out of condition (e.g mouldy, rotten, off-smelling)
  • is out of date where it is suspected of making someone ill

We also investigate poor food hygiene, including:

  • people smoking in kitchens, store rooms or preparation rooms
  • pets or animals in kitchens, store rooms or preparation rooms
  • sightings of vermin or pests on food premises
  • poor levels of cleanliness in kitchens, store rooms or preparation rooms
  • poor food handling practices

If you would like to complain about the price of food or poor customer service, you need to contact Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards as we are unable to investigate.

Making a food complaint

If you would like to complain about food that you believe is contaminated in some way or about a food provider in Fenland, email or call 01354 654321. We will aim to contact you within 3 working days.

If you are making a complaint about a food item, it would help if you could:

  • save the food in its original container and packaging
  • keep the receipt for the food
  • avoid tampering with the food, leaving any foreign bodies in the food to be examined
  • make some notes that could be used in the form of a statement. This could include: where and when you purchased the product, how you handled the product and what happened following your discovery.

If the food is one of a number of units (e.g one carton of yogurt from a pack of four), we recommend you save these as well and do not eat the remaining products.

After you have made a complaint, we will contact you to arrange the food sample to be tested. We will also ask you a number of questions (such as when you bought the food, effects of eating it, how it was stored) and confirm whether you are willing to give a Witness Statement (or in extreme cases, evidence in Court.)

Food poisoning

Food poisoning is unpleasant and potentially dangerous for some people, especially the very young, the very old and people or who are chronically ill. Food poisoning is also important because it can be spread from person to person.

If you think you are suffering from food poisoning, it is important that you report it. We recommend that you contact your GP and the Council as soon as possible so we can investigate. pdf icon Find out more about how your doctor and our Environmental Health team work together to investigate food poisoning. [1Mb]