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Street Naming and Numbering

Information about the street naming, street numbering and house name change process

Our Street Naming and Numbering Officer is responsible for naming the streets on new developments. Street Names need careful consideration to make sure that they are suitable. 

Usually the developer will propose street names. These are considered by ourselves, our Councillors, Royal Mail, the Fire Authority and Town or Parish Councils before they are adopted. Names must not conflict with or be the same as existing ones nearby. 

On a new street, buildings are usually numbered at the same time as it is named. Numbers are allocated in numerical order, without exception. We cannot exclude numbers with a superstitious, religious or cultural connotation. Numbers are also given to new buildings that are erected in an existing street. 

Details of adopted street naming and numbering schemes are sent to the emergency services, Royal Mail and the Land Registry office. 

House naming

In rural areas, roads are often un-numbered. This means that house owners usually choose to name their property. 

If you want to name your property, or change its existing name, you need to contact our Street Naming and Numbering Officer in writing. The easiest way to do this is by completing our online form. Apply for your house name to be changed.


Postcodes are issued by Royal Mail, not Fenland District Council. You can search for a postcode or address using the Royal Mail postcode finder. 

New build addresses and postcodes

If we've given you an address for a new build property, it will be added to Royal Mail's 'Not Yet Built' database. They will put the address onto their live database once the building is complete and can receive post. To ask Royal Mail to do this, please call them on 08456 011 110 (selecting option 3, then 1). 

Problems with addresses and postcodes

If you have a problem, you should firstly check Royal Mail's address and postcode finder. If this doesn't answer your query, please contact us online or email 

Find My Street explains who is responsible for maintaining your street. 

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