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House to House Collection

You need a permit from us if you are going door-to-door collecting money or goods for charitable purposes in Fenland

You also need a permit if you are collecting goods for resale, with the intention of making a charitable donation from the proceeds. This applies to collections from houses or businesses.

When issuing house-to-house collection permits, we aim to ensure that no more than two collections happen in the same place on the same day. 

Some charities hold an exemption certificate from the Cabinet Office. 

Apply for a permit

You need to apply for a house-to-house collection licence at least one month before the first collection date. 


It is free to apply for a house-to-house collection permit.

After you have carried out a collection

You must submit a return of:

  • what has been collected; and
  • how much has been passed to the charity after any deductions

You need to do this even if no money was collected. Failure to make a return may result in future collections being refused. 

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