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Caravan Sites

Licensing for caravan sites and park homes

Land can be used as a caravan site if:

  • it has planning consent
  • the owners have a site licence issued by us

You need a licence if you own a caravan site used by the public. A licence lasts 'for life' unless you don't want it anymore or we have reason to take it away.  

You must tell us if you transfer ownership to someone else.

A licence will consider the:

  • type(s) of caravan on site (e.g residential, static, touring)
  • number and spacing of caravans
  • water supply, drainage, toilet and washing facilities
  • fire protection and electrics

There may be cases where a licence is not required. 

To apply for a licence, please email or call 01354 654321. 


All caravan sites need a site licence, except for:

  • those registered with the Caravan Club with a maximum of 5 pitches
  • those registered with the Camping and Caravan Club with a maximum of 5 touring pitches and 5 tent pitches
  • those granted for holiday use
  • sites created prior to 1960

In certain cases, a site licence is given when land does not have planning consent. This is when:

  • A caravan is within a curtilage of a dwelling and cannot be used separately
  • A single caravan spends a maximum of two consecutive nights in one place (maximum 28 days in 12 months)
  • A site larger than 5 acres is used by 3 caravans or less (maximum 28 days in 12 months)
  • A site is up to five acres and is only used by members of an exempt group
  • There is a temporary or special purpose e.g caravan rally
  • Land is used by:
    • the local authority (e.g gypsy sites)
    • an exempt group (e.g Caravan Club)
    • tents (maximum 28 days in 12 months)

If you are unsure if you need a licence please email

Mobile Homes in Fenland (Park Homes)

The website has useful information for park home residents.

Site rules for mobile home sites in Fenland are available to download on this page. 

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