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Wellbeing Walks - Frequently Asked Questions

The Wellbeing Walks are short, friendly, and welcoming walks which allow you to get active outdoors, at your own pace but in the company of other like-minded individuals.

Q. Are there any places to rest on the walks?
A. All walks are designed with rest stops along the way, often at benches if needed.

Q. How intensive are the walks?
A. The walks focus on being social, welcoming and for all. Walks go at a pace suitable for all, so walkers of all paces are welcome. Walk descriptions show what pace the walks are generally but all are variable to the walkers on the day.

Q. Are the walks accessible?
A. The walk description will show if the walk is accessible (for instance, if it is suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooter users, buggies etc) and if dogs are allowed, if they are family friendly etc.

Q. Can children join the walk?
Children are allowed as long as they are accompanied by an adult, who is responsible for them at all times. Please also ensure the route is suitable for them by checking the walk description.

Q. Are there any social activities taking place after the walks?
Some walks have the option of stopping for a hot drink afterwards. Where this is in place, it will be noted in the walk description.

Q. How much do the walks cost?
A. All Wellbeing Walks are completely free. Additional costs may apply for optional social activities that take place after walks.

Walk Leader FAQs

Our Wellbeing Walks wouldn't exist without our fantastic Volunteer Walk Leaders! We are always looking for more passionate walk leaders to be able to lead walks in their local community, town or village.

If you are a friendly, approachable, motivated, patient and a reliable individual with a passion for walking and strong communication skills, you could be the perfect volunteer walk leader.

Q. Is training provided?
A. Full training is provided to all Walk Leaders. The training is free with some of the sessions taking place online and some face-to-face.

Q. How often do I need to lead the walks?
A. Walks can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever suits the volunteer. The times and days are also set by the Walk Leader, so walks can be arranged to suit your lifestyle.

Q. Is there any assistance available after I've completed the training?
A. We offer support every step along the way, from training to supporting with leading the walk until the leader is confident.

Q. Do I need to pay for materials and equipment?
A. We provide all the materials, paperwork and even a free rucksack and high viz jacket.

Q. Do I need to know first aid?
A. An optional first aid course is provided for free to Walk Leaders.

Q. Do I need to promote the walks or do any extra admin work?
A. We do the marketing so there is little work in the way of additional tasks, just the walks to lead!

If you have any questions not covered by this FAQ, or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer Ramblers Wellbeing Walks Leader, then please get in touch by emailing:

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