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Work on March fountain to progress after birds fledge nest

Planned work to remove and store March's Coronation Fountain can now proceed after birds found nesting in the historic structure fledged successfully.

March Fountain - installation of netting

An independent ecological survey has confirmed that doves, which were discovered in the fountain last month, have now fledged and the nest is empty.

  • The survey report from Green Willows Associates will be available here shortly.

Work to carefully remove the Grade II listed fountain as part of the ongoing town centre regeneration was due to begin on 26 June but was postponed as soon as the nesting doves were found. An initial ecological assessment confirmed that a dove had chosen the fountain as its nesting site.

In adherence with established ecological guidelines and in support of wildlife preservation, Fenland District Council, in collaboration with Broad Street regeneration contractor Octavius Infrastructure Ltd, promptly re-programmed the town centre works to accommodate the dove and allow it to nest and fledge undisturbed.

A Fenland District Council spokesperson said: "We are pleased to share the positive outcome of a further ecological survey carried out by an independent assessor. The survey results confirm that the dove has successfully fledged the nest, marking an important milestone in the preservation of local wildlife. As a result, we are now prepared to proceed with the planned works to remove and store the historic structure.

"Over the next few days, members of the public will notice the initial stages of the works taking place to prepare the structure for removal. The project team will ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to minimise disruption and to guarantee the safety of both the public and the surrounding environment.

"The Council would like to extend its gratitude to Green Willows Associates for their invaluable expertise in conducting the ecological assessments. This collaborative effort showcases our commitment to maintaining a harmonious balance between urban development and the preservation of local wildlife."

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July 2023

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