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What happens when a Planning Application is submitted

Find out what happens when you submit a planning application

The planning application process goes through 4 key stages. 

1 - Validation

Once received, our technical support team checks the application to make sure everything that is required is submitted. If we have everything we need, the application is registered as 'valid'. If not, we will tell the agent or applicant what is missing so that they can send it to us.

An applicant often uses an agent when submitting an application. If this is the case, all communications go through the agent. 

2 - Consultation

Once an application is 'valid', we consult with neighbours affected by the proposals. We will also consult with 'statutory bodies' (e.g the Environment Agency) when relevant. 

We may also advertise the application if required by legislation. Anyone can comment. 21 days are usually allowed for comments to be received. View more information about commenting on planning applications.

3 - Determination

The application is then passed to a planning officer. They will consider factors such as policy, location, neighbour impact, consultee comments, design and wider impact. This process takes between 8 and 13 weeks, depending on application type. During this process, various discussions and negotiations will be taking place. The planning officer will then write a report recommending approval or refusal of the application. 

4. Decision

The final decision can be made in two ways, either:

  • by a planning officer; or
  • by our Planning Committee, made up of elected Councillors

Once a decision is reached, it is sent to the agent or applicant. 

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