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Purchase the Exclusive Rights

How to purchase the Exclusive Rights

With a pre-purchased funeral plan, a funeral director will help you to make arrangements. 

You can also buy a plot directly from us without a funeral plan. We can:

  • arrange for you to view the cemetery of your choice
  • tell you where the vacant plots are
  • meet you on site to choose the plot

Plots cannot be reserved without purchase of the Exclusive Rights. 

All plots must be paid for in advance. This allows documents of Exclusive Rights to be issued to their legal owners. 

For further information, please email or call 01354 654321. 

Length of purchase

We issue Exclusive Rights for 75 years for plots in our cemeteries. 

During this time, the Exclusive Rights holder can:

  • say who can be interred in the plot(s)
  • choose which memorial can be placed on the plot
  • make changes to the memorial

Burials and interments

Burials and interments can take place on any weekday. Weekends or bank holidays can also be organised by special arrangement.

Please ask your funeral director or contact us for more information. 

Types of plots

Internments can take place in a lawn section, traditional section or cremation plot where the exclusive rights have been purchased.

Premium PlotsA premium plot is adjacent to a grass path or roadway. It offers easier access for loved ones when visiting the cemetery. A limited number of these plots are available and a supplementary cost applies. 
Lawn Graves

The grave is made level and grassed over after the burial. A headstone can be erected from 32 weeks after the interment. All memorials and headstones must have our written approval before they are erected. 

If the plot has been purchased, the memorial headstone can include a vase for flowers. No other memorials or flowers can be placed on the length of the grave. 

We usually maintain these areas without cost to the grave owner. 

Traditional Graves

The grave is made level and grassed over after the burial. A headstone with kerbs can be erected from 32 weeks after the interment.

If the plot has been purchased, the memorial headstone can include a vase for flowers. Graves with kerbs can have other memorial items placed within the kerb edges. 

The family is responsible for maintaining the plot inside the kerb. We will maintain the grass areas around the plot. 

Cremation PlotsEach cemetery has a section for cremated remains. An ashes interment can be placed in a cremation plot or a burial plot. Cremation areas contain individual plots of 2ft x 2ft
Cremation AreasCremation areas can only have a memorial plaque or tablet placed on the plot. This must meet cemetery regulations.

Consecrated ground

Some of our cemeteries have consecrated areas. 


Memorials are an important symbol of remembrance. We can offer advice to help you make sure that a memorial meets cemetery regulations and health and safety guidelines. 

We check memorials at intervals to make sure they're safe. Find out more about memorial safety.

The Exclusive Rights owner is legally responsible for:

  • arranging safety checks on a memorial. Checks should be undertaken by a NAMM or BRAMM registered Memorial Mason
  • all costs relating to resettling or repairs

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