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Polling Districts, Places and Stations Review 2023

A review is being conducted of polling districts, polling places and polling stations for Fenland District's area of the North East Cambridgeshire Parliamentary Constituency.

Since October 2013, all local authorities have been required by law to review their polling districts, polling places, and polling stations for Parliamentary Constituencies every five years. This is to make sure that all of our polling districts, places and stations have accessible facilities for voting and have regard to accessibility needs of disabled persons. 

The next compulsory review starts in October 2023, and must be completed within a 16 month period. Each authority may choose the exact dates and length of their review; however it must fall within this window.

The review will take into account the proposals of the new UK parliamentary constituency boundaries, which changed following 2023 Boundary Review by the The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE). The changes are expected to come into effect at the next UK Parliamentary General Election, which has to take place before 28 January 2025. More information on the boundary review can be found on the LGBCE website.

The review process

On 2 October 2023 we published our Notice of Review and Polling District, Places and Stations Review document:

A timetable for the review is set out below:

Publication of notice and consultation document2 October 2023
Closing date for representations10 November 2023
Consideration of all representations24 November 2023
Returning Officer approves final schemew/c 27 November 2023
Presentation at Full Council11 December 2023
Register of Electors published in accordance with the new scheme1 February 2024


Public consultation

A consultation on the Polling Districts, Places and Stations Review will be held from 2 October 2023 until 10 November 2023.

Please download the  Polling District and Polling Places Review Consultation Document (PDF) [223KB] , read through and let us know your thoughts on where the Council locates its polling districts, polling places and polling stations.

Paper copies of the document are available to view at:

  • Fenland libraries:
    • Chatteris Library, 2 Furrowfields Road, PE16 6DY
    • March Library, City Road, PE15 9LT
    • Whittlesey Library, 31-35 Market Street, PE7 1BA
    • Wisbech Library, Ely Place, PE13 1EU
  • Boathouse Business Centre, 1 Harbour Square, Nene Parade, Wisbech, PE13 3BH
  • South Fens Business Centre, Fenton Way, Chatteris PE16 6TT

Maps of the proposed changes to wards and polling districts are available to download from the top right of this webpage.  The current polling district maps can be found at Polling Districts and Wards

Where to send your comments

To comment or make suggestions, you can:

Consultation comments must be received by 10 November 2023 and the comments received can be found here  Consultation Comments (PDF) [111KB]

The results of the consultation, together with the final recommendation on the polling districts, polling places and polling stations, will be considered at Full Council on 11 December 2023, with the new polling districts and places coming into effect on 1 February 2024.

Key definitions

  • Parliamentary Constituency. The area designated by the Boundary Commission having separate representation in the House of Commons. This cannot be changed by the review. The division of the constituency into polling districts and places is the subject of the review.
  • Polling Districts. The area created by the separation of a ward, division or constituency into smaller parts, within which a polling place can be determined which is convenient to the electors.
  • Polling Places. The building or area in which polling stations will be selected by the Returning Officer.
  • Polling Stations. The actual area where the process of voting takes place. This must be located within the polling place and designated for the particular polling district. This function is the responsibility of the Returning Officer.

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