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Street Naming and Numbering

Advice for developers and how decisions are made.

Street Naming

On any new development where new streets are being provided, the naming of those streets is dealt with by the Street Name and Numbering Officer on behalf of the Council.

Selecting street names requires careful consideration to ensure that they are suitable for the development, and will not conflict with or duplicate existing names within the same locality. Usually the developer will propose names, which are considered in consultation with Council Members, Royal Mail, the Fire Authority and local Town or Parish Councils before adoption. See the Downloads section for naming advice.

Numbering buildings in a new street is generally carried out at the same time as a street is named. However, there are sometimes cases where a building is erected in an existing street which requires the allocation of a number.

In rural areas where roads are frequently un-numbered, houses are usually named by owners. House names (or changes to existing names) should be notified to the Street Name and Numbering Officer for adoption by the Council. Apply for your house name to be changed.

Details of all adopted naming and numbering schemes are circulated to the emergency services, Royal Mail and land registry.

What should I do if I have a problem with my address or postcode?

You should firstly check out the Royal Mail's address and postcode finder

If that doesn't answer your query, you can contact us using our online form or by emailing