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Cemeteries & Bereavement

We understand that the death of a loved one can be a very confusing and upsetting time. These pages contain information on how the Council can help you.


Fenland District Council manages the following Cemeteries and Burial Grounds:

  • Walsoken Cemetery
  • Wisbech Cemetery
  • Eastwood Cemetery
  • Chatteris Cemetery
  • Whittlesey Cemetery
  • Wisbech St Mary Cemetery

There are some other cemeteries in Fenland, but these are managed by Town and Parish Councils.

Our cemeteries are open to the public for pedestrian access 24 hours a day. If you need to access the cemetery by vehicle, you will need to apply for a key by emailing or calling 01354 654321. Keys will only be issued to disabled people or those with legitimate health problems.

We want our Cemeteries to be clean, tidy and attractive. If their appearance is not up to standard, please report it to us.

  • Buy a Grave or Cremation Plot

    Find out how to buy a Grave or Cremation Plot.

  • Make a Burial or Grave Detail search

    The Council can provide a search for burial information and historical records (where no interment is requested). This is for a fee of £25 for up to and including searches. If you require any information from these records, please complete our online form.

  • Memorial Safety

    What the Council does to keep Cemeteries safe.

  • Public Health Funerals

    Information about Public Health Funerals that have taken place in Fenland.