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Planning pre-application service

The Council can provide you with advice on your planning application before it is submitted to us.

Planning Enforcement

Our planning pre-application service provides you with advice on your planning application before you submit it to us.

What our pre-application service offers

We will indicate to you if your proposal is acceptable or not. Where a proposal is unacceptable we will:

  • Let you know why the proposal is unacceptable
  • Inform you if there are any changes that could be made to make the proposal more acceptable

In addition we will tell you what supporting information you would need to submit with your planning application.

Please note that when dealing with your pre-application, we will not undertake any consultations with organisations outside of Fenland District Council. This is because the majority of these charge for their advice and our charging fee does not account for these. We will not consult Town and Parish Council's, or neighbours.

pdf icon View fees for pre-application advice [53kb]

pdf icon Download the application form to request advice [27kb]

Response times

We aim to respond to Major proposals within 42 days and Other / Minor proposals in 21 days. In the event that our internal consultees or Cambs County Highways do not respond promptly we may provide you with a reply to your enquiry on a 'subject to' basis and then provide you with an update in due course.

When pre-application advice can't be taken into account

When deciding a subsequent planning application, the Council cannot give any weight to pre-application advice that is more than one year old. It also cannot give any weight to pre-application advice where there has been significant change in policy or circumstances since the advice was given, or where a consultee has raised significant issues in relation to the proposal.

Pre-apps and the general public

Whilst we will not publish pre-apps for the public to view, we must provide them if we receive a Freedom of Information Request.