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Buildings at Risk

What is classed as a Building at Risk and how the Council deals with them.

Dilapidated building

What is a Building at Risk?

A Building at Risk is a listed building or structure which is:

  • viewed to be in a poor or deteriorating state of repair or
  • at real threat of falling into disrepair, therefore its situation is of concern.

Buildings at Risk may range from buildings that:

  • require localised minor repairs to prevent loss / damage to historic fabric, to secure their long term preservation
  • are suffering significant structural failure, loss of historic fabric and are susceptible to water presentation.

Vacant buildings, particularly long-term ones, are at a greatly increased risk of damage and decay. Buildings in this situation may be placed on the risk register.

How do the Council deal with Buildings at Risk?

The Council collates its information within a Buildings at Risk register. This allows us to understand the scale of the buildings at risk situation in the district, keep attention focused on this issue, allocate officer time to deal with these buildings and develop strategies for prioritising action. An updated Buildings at Risk register is being prepared and will be available in 2015.

The Conservation Team will seek to establish the owners of Risk buildings, and make contact with them to raise the concerns. In the first instance, we would look to work with owners to help identify and understand the problems their buildings face, and consider the options that may be available to them for dealing with them. Where owners fail to engage, the Conservation Team will consider using the statutory powers available to secure repair.

How do I report a Building at Risk?

If you are concerned at all about the condition of any listed building within the District, you can report it to the Conservation Officer by emailing