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Street Naming & Numbering

House name and numbering, Street name information, Postcodes

Street Naming

Please note that postcodes are issued by Royal Mail. If you are searching for a postcode or an address, you can use the Postcode Finder on Royal Mail's website. 

If you have been allocated an address by the Council, it will be added to Royal Mail's 'Not Yet Built' database. Once the building is complete they can activate the address for you. To do this, call Royal Mail maintenance team on 08456 011 110 (selecting option 3 then option 1). 

You may also find the information that you are looking for in our Street Naming and Numbering section.

iCM Form
  1. Your details
  2. Your address:
  3. Your enquiry
  4. Postcode
    1. Post codes are issued by Royal Mail. Please contact them to check your post code.
    2. Royal Mail postal addresses are not geographically accurate descriptions, but routing instructions for Royal Mail staff.
    3. Royal Mail will only hold a name for a property where there is no numbering scheme in place. If a property is named and numbered, the name of the property will only be held as an "Alias." Therefore, even if you obtain an officially approved name for a property, Royal Mail may not pass this name on to other organisations.
  5. Street Signage
  6. Fenland District Council does not manage highways signage. Please contact Cambridgeshire County Council to report the problem.
  7. House / Street name
    1. Tenants are unable to add or change a house name.
    2. You cannot remove a house number. However, it is possible to add a house name.
    3. When a road is numbered, this is the official address and should be used at all times. You will find that not all online address databases will hold the name. It will only be listed on Royal Mail's site as a number. They will hold the name in an 'alias file' which they sell separately to companies. Not all companies will pay for the additional information as the number is all that is required to be able to make deliveries etc.
    4. Any name chosen should not already exist in the road or immediate neighbourhood.
  8. Address for new property