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Complain about a Licensed Service

Use this form to make a complaint about a service licensed by the council, or report activities that are being provided unlawfully without a licence.

Planning Enforcement

We investigate all relevant complaints about licensable services as part of our public safety and animal welfare role.

We cannot deal with complaints that do not relate to the licence that authorises the activities. Any complaints about Council staff should be directed through the 3Cs corporate complaints process. Where complaints are received that we cannot deal with, we will advise and refer you to the correct department or organisation where possible.

The following services are licensed by the Council:

  • Taxi drivers and vehicles (known as Hackney Carriage)
  • Private Hire Drivers, Vehicles and Operators (these are pre-booked services)
  • Licensed Alcohol and Entertainment Premises
  • Licensed Gambling Premises
  • Animal Welfare Licensed Premises
  • Street Traders
  • Charity, Street and House to House collections
  • Sex Establishments
  • Scrap Metal Sites and Collectors
  • Performances of Hypnotism for entertainment (excluding hypnotherapy).
iCM Form
  1. Make a complaint
  2. Your details
    1. Name
    2. Address
  3. Your complaint
    1. Please provide full details of your complaint, including the date and time of the incident. Many licences are bound by terms and conditions which may, or may not, have been breached during the incident and will form part of the investigation.