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Tell us you are organising an event - Pre-event notification

If you are planning a public event in Fenland, please complete this form.


Before you start....

This form is designed to help organisers inform Fenland District Council and the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) of their intentions to hold a public event. In particular, the Safety Advisory Group (of which the NHS, Fire Service and Police are members) are keen to ensure that events do not effect public safety negatively. This form will enable these agencies to understand what the event is likely to entail, and to contact you regarding permissions you are likely to need. 

This form will take about half an hour to complete. It is designed to understand things such as:

  • the land you would like to use
  • who you think will attend your event
  • use of equipment, vehicle and power supply
  • entertainment and food you may be providing

You will receive a response to your notification within 10 days, which will explain any further requirements.

Please note that completing this form does not constitute an application for a licensable activity - this should be applied for through our licensing pages.

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