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Suggest sites for air quality testing in Fenland

Fenland residents can get involved in air quality testing in Fenland by suggesting sites that should be monitored.


Fenland District Council undertakes ongoing testing to ensure the air in the district continues to remain compliant with national air quality objectives.

Residents are invited to suggest sites where they feel regular exposure to traffic pollution to help ensure testing is being carried out at the most at-risk areas and any issues are highlighted and can be tackled.

Cllr Sue Wallwork, portfolio holder for environmental health, said: "Ensuring the cleanliness of the air we breathe in Fenland is a huge priority for the council.

"We're delighted that most recent analysis shows air quality remains compliant with national air quality objectives and obviously the ambition is for continuous improvement.

"We select testing sites to ensure close scrutiny of potential problem areas and we're asking for the public to use their local knowledge to give us additional information to help us chose the monitoring sites for the coming year."

The council monitors 41 locations with Nitrogen Dioxide diffusion tubes.

An additional air quality sensor has been installed in Whittlesey to support monitoring there where there have been local concerns due in part to the impact of new major housing developments, haulage yards and industrial processes.

Fenland District Council continues to work closely with consultees for permit and planning applications of air quality significance for developments including road improvements and housing developments.

Recent and ongoing programmes in partnership with other local authorities and organisations to help improve air quality in Fenland further include:

·        the ongoing change to Broad Street road layout in March as part of the £multimillion town centre redevelopment project, which is intended to improve traffic flow and reduce pollution

·        planting of 4,000 trees thanks to funding secured by Fenland District Council from Forestry Commission's Local Authorities Treescapes Fund

·        continued work with partners including the highways authority Cambridgeshire County Council to improve the flow of traffic through the district along the A47, including improvements at the Guyhirn junction

·        work to support residents with energy efficient home improvements including via the Action on Energy scheme

·        work with taxi operators through anti-idling campaigns.

To suggest an area for air monitoring, please provide the nearest address, coordinates, 'what three words' location or a description with a nearby landmark via email on or call 01354 654321 9am-4pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am-noon (Saturday).

Find further information on air quality in Fenland at: Fenland Air Quality page

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November 2023

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