Housing Enforcement Policy Consultation

We are consulting on changes to the existing Housing Enforcement Policy to empower the Council to fully utilise legislation that has recently been introduced, and to improve how the Council uses its enforcement powers.

The changes will ensure that our existing policies are effective at protecting the health safety and welfare of tenants, and that the Council uses its enforcement powers in a manner which is proportionate to risk, expedient, efficient, consistent and fair.

The consultation ends at 5pm on Wednesday, 8 June.

  • The current policy can be found here
  • The draft policy can be found here

Why is the policy being amended?

We review and amend the policy from time to time to ensure that it remains transparent and is up-to-date.

Over recent years new legislation has been introduced which enables the Council to regulate the condition of private rented homes in different ways, and we are committed to continually review how we use this legislation. It is therefore time to update the policy to take account of these legislative changes but also a good time to amend areas of the policy to make improvements and adjustments to ensure that we are using our enforcement powers in the best way.

The consultation seeks your views on the most notable changes of the policy. We would also like your views on whether the Council should be doing more to regulate conditions in the Private Rented Sector.

Have your say

Anyone wishing to make any comments on the draft Housing Enforcement Policy can contact the Private Sector Housing team via email at: privatesectorhousing@fenland.gov.uk

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