Coates Conservation Area Appraisal

A consultation on the draft Coates Conservation Area Appraisal and management plan began on 6th July 2020 and concluded on 6th August 2020.

The consultation requested feedback on a review of the conservation area in Coates, including a revision to the area boundary. Due to Covid 19, the consultation was held online only with letters sent to affected residents making them aware of the online process, with copies of the draft documents sent to relevant Councillors and amenity societies.

On 8th September 2020 the Coates Conservation Area Appraisal Report was presented to Cabinet and Council to inform members that public consultation on the Coates Conservation Area Appraisal had been completed and to seek approval from Council for the documents to be adopted. This report can be viewed online via the respective agenda pages for the Cabinet and Council meetings.

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