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Assisted collection

Request an assisted collection or report a problem with current arrangements.

Assisted collection

Our Assisted Bin Collection service is designed for residents who are unable to move the bin (or bag) provided because of illness, disability or frailty. Our staff assist these customers by collecting and returning their bin. This service is only available when there is no-one else in the household able to do this.

You will need to complete the form below to see if you are entitled to this service. 

iCM Form
  1. Your details
  2. Reason for contact
  3. Report a problem
  4. Request a collection service
    1. Your household would not normally be considered eligible for an assisted refuse collection at the moment. However, please explain if there are any specific circumstances that we need to know about.
  5. Application
    1. You will need to complete an Assisted Collection application form.
  6. Online application