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Householder Enquiry Form

If you are a landlord or you have received a form asking for information about who lives in the property or if the property is not occupied you can notify us of the relevant information.

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iCM Form
  1. Householder Enquiry Form
    1. Please provide us with your contact details. They may be used to ask for further information and provide confirmation.
  2. Is the property empty / no eligible electors?
  3. If not empty / other occupiers in the property
    1. Please list the name(s) and nationality for all occupants aged 16 and over who are not yet registered including yourself. However please note that this is not a registration form and will result in the Electoral Registration Officer sending out Invitation(s) to register in paper format. Alternatively you can register online at
    2. Occupant 1
    3. Occupant 2
    4. Occupant 3
    5. Occupant 4
    6. Occupant 5
    7. Occupant 6