Whittlesey & Wisbech Business Capital Grants Schemes

A grant of up to £10,000 is available to help local businesses and organisations based in and around Whittlesey and Wisbech to invest in assets that will help with recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, improve competitiveness, stimulate growth, enhance productivity and create local jobs.

Applications for the Business Capital Grant Scheme (BCGS) for capital expenditure is open to small or medium size enterprises (SMEs) or organisations, including charities, located in and around Whittlesey and Wisbech. SMEs are defined as having fewer than 250 employees.

Only capital funding is available through this grant scheme.

The funding for the BCGS is provided by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA), as part of the Market Town Masterplan initiative, known in Fenland as Growing Fenland.

Guidance for Businesses

To qualify to submit a BCGS application a business must be located in the towns of Whittlesey or Wisbech or within two miles of the Whittlesey or Wisbech Town Council border shown on the maps below (so long as the business is based within the Fenland District Council area).

Icon for pdf Link to map showing the Whittlesey Town Council border [2.84MB]

Icon for pdf Link to map showing the Wisbech Town Council border . [1.87MB] 

A business with multiple properties in the Whittlesey or Wisbech areas can only apply for one BCGS. Businesses with properties across Fenland can apply providing one or more property is located in Wisbech or Whittlesey.

Applications will be considered from businesses and organisations that can demonstrate receiving BCGS funding will deliver as many as apply, but at least two of the following outcomes within 12 months of the purchase of the asset :

  • enable them to recover from some of the impacts of Covid-19
  • improve their competitiveness
  • enable them to grow
  • enhance their productivity
  • enable them to create sustainable jobs
  • safeguard any jobs at risk of redundancy within the next 6 months

After periods of 6 and 12 months from the purchase of the asset(s) the District Council may request evidence that the outcomes selected by the application have been achieved.

Examples of what BCGS capital funding can support:

  • purchase of machines and associated tooling
  • purchase of a printer e.g. Litho printer
  • renovating existing buildings or building new business premises
  • purchase of business vehicles such as vans, lorries, tractors etc.
  • replacement of obsolete machinery/equipment
  • IT hardware
  • energy efficiency measures e.g. boilers, lighting

Examples of what the BCGS capital funding cannot support:

  • paying off debts or refinancing
  • any revenue expenditure related to energy efficiency, heating & lighting,
  • salaries, travel or subsistence
  • ongoing normal business costs (i.e. business rates, overheads etc.)
  • any statutory or legislative obligations, duties or requirements
  • staff training
  • software unless integrally linked to the running of specific equipment

A BCGS grant is available to fund up to 95% of total eligible expenditure to a maximum of £10,000. Lesser amounts may be awarded both as a total grant award and as a % of total eligible expenditure. For example, grants for the full 95% award:

Total capital costs of project (Ex VAT) = £10,527 potential grant = £10,000

Total capital costs of project (Ex VAT) = £35,000 potential grant = £10,000

Total capital costs of project (Ex VAT) = £4,750 potential grant = £4513

How to Apply

Step One: Download, complete and email an Expression of Interest

Icon for pdf BCGS Expression of Interest Form [185.37KB]

The deadline for submission of the Expression of Interest form is Monday 3rd May 2021 at 10am

The completed form will need to be emailed to WWBCGS@fenland.gov.uk. Please note that we will not accept forms sent to us in any other way.

Step Two: You will be notified by no later than Friday 14th May 2021 of the outcome of your expression of interest in a BCGS. If requested to do so you will need to complete the BCGS on-line Application Form.

Icon for pdf BCGS Application Form [174.4KB]

The deadline for submission of the Application Form is Monday 21st June 2021 at 10am

The completed form will need to be emailed to WWBCGS@fenland.gov.uk. Please note that we will not accept forms sent to us in any other way.

We recommend submitting your Application Form as soon as possible after being requested to do so. Grants will be determined in tranches and there can be no guarantee that all available grant money will not be allocated before the final submission deadline.

Applications will be assessed as follows:

A panel of officers will consider the applications receive and recommend which should be approved for payment. The panel's recommendations will initially be considered by the Leader of the Council and the Portfolio Holder for Economic Growth before being ratified by the relevant Growing Fenland Town Team.

This process may mean that some grant applications are declined or reduced levels of financial support is offered, both in terms of the percentage of grant awarded against eligible expenditure and the total value of the grant awarded.

Any expenditure incurred before receipt of the formal offer letter is entirely at the applicant's own risk and is deemed to be ineligible expenditure for grant assistance.

If your application is successful you will receive an offer letter from the District Council by no later than Monday 12th July 2021.

Payment of the Grant

  • Grants must be claimed within 3 months of receiving the BCGS Offer Letter.
  • No verbal orders or deposits can be placed before a decision on BCGS funding has been reached.
  • Funding cannot be awarded as retrospective payment for goods or services procured before a formal offer of grant has been received and accepted.

All BCGS payments are made as reimbursements to the applicant subject to the satisfactory provision of proof of expenditure in strict accordance with the original application.

BCGS funding will be paid at the agreed intervention rate per the grant offer letter. If actual project spend is less than the value detailed in your grant application and grant offer letter your grant will be reduced accordingly.

Private sector matched funding contributions for the purpose of the BCGS application/claim cannot be matched with other public sector funding.

The District Council reserves the right to visit any company receiving grant assistance to ensure the grant has been used for the purpose it was intended and as stated in the application form, check the location of the asset and inspect records to show costs have been incurred in line with the grant award letter.

Retention of the Asset

Failure to retain any asset funded or part funded by BCGS for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase could result in a claw back of up to 100% of the grant sum awarded. Evidence regarding the retention of the asset may be requested by the District Council.

Capital Costs

Net Capital Costs (excluding VAT) must be used when calculating the project value on the application form. All BCGS payments will be based on the Net Capital Cost paid by the applicant unless the applicant is, for whatever reason, unable to reclaim VAT. In which case the full, gross cost will be used to calculate the BCGS grant payable.


You are not obliged to accept the lowest quote received, but a written explanation of the rationale behind any such decision will be required. All applications must be accompanied by three written quotations for the capital expenditure for which grant support is sought. {end}


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