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Tree works

Find out about how to proceed with works to trees.

Land Charges

Can I cut down my tree or do other works to it?

You can carry out any works to your trees without permission from Fenland District Council as long as it is not covered by one of these restrictions:

  • It is not covered by a Tree Preservation order
  • It is not within a conservation area
  • It is not restricted by a planning condition on a previous approved application.

If you need to apply for permission for trees covered by a tree preservation order or within a conservation area you need to complete the Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and/or Notification of proposed works to trees in Conservation Areas form.

If you need to apply because there is a condition restricting works to a tree, you need to complete the application for removal of a condition following grant of planning permission form. Please check the word icon validation requirements [243kb] for the information you need to submit with this application.

Can you offer tree advice?

Unfortunately we can't give general tree advice such as if your tree should be pruned or whether it is diseased. You would need to contact a tree surgeon for this advice.

A neighbour's tree is hanging over my garden - can I cut it back?

It is best you speak with your neighbour before doing this. However, if the tree is covered by one of the restrictions above, you will still need to apply to us to do any works to it.