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Wisbech Bus Service Project

A project for 2016/2017 to establish a new local bus service for Wisbech.

Bus information

Following the withdrawal of the Stagecoach 66 bus service between the Horsefair Bus Station, Weasenham Lane and Tesco on Cromwell Road we are looking at options for a replacement service. Due to low passenger numbers the previous service was considered unviable and reinstating the same service is likely to have the same problems.  Therefore we have set up a Wisbech Bus Service Project: an approach we believe offers the best solution for establishing a new service that can be viable when all the funding has been used.

Visit for more information about the new bus service now available. 

Wisbech Bus Service Project

The aim of the Wisbech Bus Service Project is to design a new service with significant input from local people that better reflects local travel needs. The project includes the following elements:

Marketing and promotion of the new bus service including a launch event in partnership with the chosen provider of the service. The new service will start on Monday 3rd July. Posters, leaflets, timetables and route information will be widely distributed prior to the start date.In progress
Monitoring of the pilot bus service including continued engagement with local residents and users of the new service. This is to allow us to ensure that the service is working or to make further changes where there is evidence that changes are neededIn progress
A review of the service that was withdrawn and existing travel information we hold.Complete
Speaking to people in the community through events, leaflets and surveys.Complete
Work with transport providers.Complete
Design and procurement of the bus service. This will initially be a 12 month pilot bus service.Complete

Local community involvement in the Wisbech Bus Service Project

The Wisbech Bus Service Project is about designing a new bus service with significant input from local people that reflects local travel needs. Using feedback from local residents and bus service users a new route has been designed. This route will provide access to:

  • Tesco Extra / Light Cinema / Prezzo / Giraffe / Frankie & Bennys
  • ACES Eye Clinic
  • Rosmini Community Centre
  • Queen Mary Centre / Ferry Project / Town Centre
  • Horsefair Shopping Centre
  • Thomas Clarkson Academy
  • College of West Anglia / Awdry House
  • The Hudson Leisure Centre
  • ASDA / Aldi

The Wisbech Bus Service Project would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback for the new service so far. For responses to the comments we have received please see the Wisbech Bus Service Project responses document in the top right hand corner of this page.

If you have information you think will help the new service or you would like to be added to the Wisbech Bus Service Project mailing list to receive updates regarding the new service directly to your email or by post please get in touch with the Wisbech Bus Service Project Co-ordinator on 01354 622318 or email