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Take the lead

Join us to fight against environmental issues where you live!

Dog fouling

Fly-tipping at the roadside. Litter thrown on the floor. Dog fouling on paths. These are just a few environmental issues that can spoil our towns and villages.

The Council cannot tackle these problems alone. Therefore we're calling you to join us in the fight against those who choose to spoil our local areas with environmental problems.

We've set up the 'Take the Lead' initiative to raise awareness about what we're doing and to make it easier for you to contact us about issues that are important to you. 

Join us

By signing up to our 'Take the Lead' initiative, we'll update you with our efforts to tackle these issues and help you to get involved. We'll also suggest what evidence you can look out for which will help us to take formal witness statements. These can be used to take enforcement action against those who just don't care and flout the rules. 

You can sign up by emailing or completing the form on the top right of the page. 

Reporting issues

Have you seen environmental issues where you live? Report it to us online: