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Protecting your home

It isn't possible to completely flood proof a property. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the damage that flooding can cause.


Consider purpose built flood boards or gates that can be put in place when flooding is imminent.

It may also be possible to replace your existing external door with one that is flood-proof. Door thresholds can also be raised.


Replace existing airbricks with those that automatically close during flooding. You can also fit specifically designed covers that can be placed over ventilation bricks when flooding is imminent.

Drains and bricks

Fitting non-return valves on drain and water inlets / outlets can prevent water from coming back up the drain or toilet foul pipes.

House Insurance

It is important that if you live in a high flood-risk area you have the best insurance policy. Flood Re is a national scheme designed to help provide better access to affordable home insurance for those in high flood-risk areas across the UK. It represents a long-term, sustainable approach to providing home insurance for those at flood risk.

For further information on how Flood RE will work visit; the Flood Re website . There is also a video available to watch.