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Planning Enforcement (Compliance)

Make a complaint about a suspected breach of planning control, and find out how the Council can investigate unauthorised building works.

Planning Enforcement

The planning system is here to control new development, to stop inappropriate development, to monitor conditions attached to planning permission and to prevent unacceptable planing activity. Usually, planning permission is needed before activities are carried out or a new use begins (except in cases of permitted development).

The Planning Enforcement team can take action in cases of:

  • breaches of planning control and conditions (such as unauthorised building works or changes of use);
  • breaches relating to certain types of advertisements (when consent has not been sought)
  • unauthorised works undertaken to listed buildings and trees;
  • unauthorised works within conservation areas.

Please note that the Council will not investigate anonymous or malicious complaints. It is also up to the Council whether they choose to carry out enforcement, as it is not under a statutory duty to do so. The Enforcement team does not deal with complaints relating to noise/air pollution, parking and highways, anti-social behaviour or licensing.