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Licensed Vehicles

The Council is responsible for licensing all Hire vehicles for 8 passengers or less which operate within Fenland. Apply for a licence here.

Licensed vehicles

There are 3 types of vehicle operating within Fenland, these are:

Hackney Carriage Vehicles

These must have a meter fitted with the tariff set by Fenland District Council (which is approved at full council) on behalf of the taxi trade. They must also have an illuminated roof sign - this means they are instantly recognisable as taxis to the general public, and cannot charge more than the maximum fare.

The current taxi fares are:

Private Hire Vehicles

Private Hire Vehicles are only available if booked in advance through the licensed Private Hire Operator they belong to. They cannot refer to themselves as taxis or cabs, ply for hire or wait on Taxi ranks. They also do not have a meter fitted or a roof sign of any kind. 

Special Event Vehicles

These fall into 3 categories: Executive Vehicles, Stretched Limousines and Historic Vehicles. They must be licensed as Private Hire Vehicles, so are pre-booked only. They must also be specifically requested by the customer through the Private Hire Operator they belong to.

Applying for a Vehicle Licence

To apply for a new Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle licence, you must arrange for your vehicle to be inspected at our Melbourne Avenue Depot. The Council will not grant a licence unless satisfied that the vehicle is in suitable mechanical condition, is safe and comfortable. Please ensure you read through the requirements set out in our Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy & Conditions before you purchase a vehicle.

Once your vehicle has been tested, you must submit the following items at one of our Fenland @ your service shops or Community Hubs:


  • Hackney Carriage Driver / Private Hire Driver (1 year fee) - Grant £114, Renewal £89
  • Hackney Carriage Driver / Private Hire Driver (3 year fee) - Grant £234, Renewal £209

Please note that there are pdf icon proposed changes to fees for vehicle and operators' licences [59kb]. The new fees will come into operation on 11 April 2018 unless any objections are duly made before this date. 

Once you have your licence

  • CCTV and advertising

If you want to install a CCTV camera or advertise on your licensed vehicle, you will need to get written approval from Fenland District Council first.

  • Lost, stolen or damaged vehicle plates

You will need to complete and return a pdf icon Replacement Licence Plate Request Form [13kb] to the Licence team, accompanied by the appropriate fee.

  • Renewal

We will send you the appropriate forms when your licence is due for renewal.

  • Accidents

If you've have an accident in your licenced vehicle which has caused damage, the owner of the vehicle must report it to us within 72 hours. This must be done using the pdf icon Licensed Vehicle Accident Form [13kb]

  • New vehicles

If you need to replace your current licensed vehicle with a new vehicle, you need to make a full application for a new vehicle license. You will need to surrender your existing vehicle license plate and paper part. You cannot transfer a vehicle license to a new vehicle, unless the licensed vehicle has been sold to another party.

  • Selling your vehicle to another licensed driver

You must tell us about a change of ownership within 14 days of it taking place. The license must be transferred to the new owner by completing a new vehicle application form. 


Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy & Conditions - please note the conditions are currently being reviewed.  If you have any queries please contact