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Land Charges

Submit a search and find out what questions you can ask.

Land Charges

When buying a property or a piece of land, it is important to have an official local authority search carried out so information can be revealed that affects the property. Searches are mainly carried out by Solicitors and Conveyance companies on the purchasers' behalf. A full search consists of a LLC1 and a CON29R.

Find out what further questions you can ask and how to undertake a Personal Search.


Submitting a search and local fees

We aim to return all searches within 12 working days. 

Our current fees can be found below.

We are able to receive searches via NLIS (National Land Information Service) and TM Search Choice.      

We can also receive and return searches via email.  All searches that are submitted via email will need to be paid via a BACS payment. If you wish to use this service then please email with your official search documents and a copy of the plan with the area clearly marked. The Land Charges Team will then send a confirmation email with the reference that needs to be quoted, and the Council's BACs details so you can make payment. The search will not be dispatched until payment has been received. Searches received before 12 noon will be processed the same day - any received afterward will be processed the next day.

All searches that are submitted electronically receive a 10% discount as per out fees. 

Please note that our online Land Charges Search form is temporarily unavailable. 

Contact Details

Our team can be reached by emailing calling 01354 654321

  • Fees

    You will find our new fees from 1 April 2017.

  • What questions can I ask?

    Find out the further questions you can ask about the property and the adjacent land, and supplementary information that is not usually included in your normal search.

  • Personal searches

    How to book an appointment