Member and Committee Information

The Council is composed of the following members.

Councillor Mrs S Bligh (Con) Parson Drove and Wisbech St Mary
Councillor C Boden (Con) Bassenhally - Whittlesey
Councillor G G R Booth (LDA) Parson Drove and Wisbech St Mary
Councillor M G Bucknor (TIP) Waterlees Village
Councillor Mrs V M Bucknor (TIP) Waterlees Village
Councillor M Buckton (Con) Manea
Councillor T R Butcher (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Growth)
Benwick, Coates and Eastrea
Councillor J F Clark (Con)
(Leader of the Council)
(Portfolio Holder for Marketing and Communication)
March East
Councillor S Clark (Con) Roman Bank - Wisbech
Councillor D W Connor (Con) Doddington & Wimblington
Councillor M Cornwell (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Communities)
March North
Councillor S Count (Con) March North
Councillor S R Court (LDA) March North
Councillor Mrs C R Cox (Con)
(Chairman of the Council)
Clarkson - Wisbech
Councillor Mrs M Davis (Con) Doddington & Wimblington
Councillor Mrs J French (Con) March West
Councillor S Garratt (Con) Lattersey - Whittlesey
Councillor D Green (Con) Birch - Chatteris
Councillor Mrs A Hay (Con) The Mills - Chatteris
Councillor D Hodgson (Con) Staithe - Wisbech
Councillor Miss S Hoy (Con) Hill - Wisbech
Councillor M J Humphrey (Con) Roman Bank - Wisbech
Councillor S J E King (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Equalities & Transport)
Hill - Wisbech
Councillor Mrs D Laws (Con) Stonald
Councillor D Mason (Con) St Andrews - Whittlesey
Councillor Mrs K F Mayor (Con)
(Vice-Chairman of the Council)
Bassenhally - Whittlesey
Councillor A Miscandlon (Con) Benwick, Coates and Eastrea
Councillor P Murphy (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Environment)
Wenneye - Chatteris
Councillor Mrs F S Newell (Con) Slade Lode - Chatteris
Councillor D C Oliver (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Community Safety & Heritage)
Peckover - Wisbech
Councillor C C Owen (Con) March West
Councillor A Pugh (Con) March East
Councillor C J Seaton (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Finance)
Roman Bank - Wisbech
Councillor R Skoulding (Ind) March West
Councillor W Sutton (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Planning)
Elm and Christchurch
Councillor M Tanfield (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Leisure & Young People)
Elm and Christchurch
Councillor G Tibbs (Con) Kirkgate - Wisbech
Councillor S Tierney (Con) Medworth - Wisbech
Councillor F H Yeulett (Con) March East

The political make up for the Council is currently

Conservative (34 members)
Independent (1 member)

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