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Corporate Governance Committee

The committee comprises up to nine members of the Council, which may include up to three Cabinet members, three Overview and Scrutiny Panel and three backbench members. It has responsibility for providing independent assurance of the adequacy of the risk management framework and the associated control environment, independent scrutiny of the Council's financial and non-financial performance to the extent that it affects the Council's exposure to risk and weakens the control environment, and for overseeing the financial reporting process and regulatory framework.

9 members
Quorum: 3
Member Details
Councillor J F Clark (Con) (Chairman)
Councillor Mrs F S Newell (Con) (Vice-Chairman)
Councillor G G R Booth (LibDem)  
Councillor T R Butcher (Con)  
Councillor D Hodgson (Con)  
Councillor P Murphy (Con)  
Councillor W Sutton (Con)  
Councillor M Tanfield (Con)  

The political make up for the Corporate Governance Committee is currently

Conservative (7 members)

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