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from 20 April 2018 to end of July 2018
Forward Plan issued April 2018
Date of Decision (Approximate) Key Decision  
17/05/2018 Business Rates Supplement Order
17/05/2018 Constitutional Update
17/05/2018 Developer Agreement Chatteris
(Confidential Addendum)
17/05/2018 Devolution of Adult Skills Budget
17/05/2018 Economic Development Update
17/05/2018 Environmental Enforcement Service Procurement
17/05/2018 Flood Risk Sequential Test Guidance
17/05/2018 Land Disposal Proposals
(Confidential Addendum)
17/05/2018 Political Proportionality Report
17/05/2018 RIPA Policy
17/05/2018 Whittlesey Community Governance
17/05/2018 Whittlesey Conservation Area Appraisal
17/05/2018 Wisbech Access Study Proposals
19/07/2018 Housing Enforcement Policy

Explanatory Notes


The Council's Forward Plan of Key Decisions sets out decisions that the Council, the Cabinet or an individual member of the Cabinet intends to take.

The Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/2089) places a requirement on all Local Authorities to publish 28 clear days' notice of any intended key decision. The notice must be available not just for inspection but also published on the authority's website.

As of 10 September 2012 an authority cannot take a key decision unless it has given the required 28 days' notice, unless an urgent decision is required. There are two different ways in which this can be done:

  • the authority can take an urgent key decision without giving 28 days' notice where it is impracticable to give the full notice, provided that the authority gives at least five days' clear notice to all members of the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee of the authority, which can then call in the decision to check that it was genuinely urgent;
  • where a key decision is so urgent there is not even time to give five clear days' notice, the authority can take the decision if the Chairman of the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee has agreed that the key decision is urgent and cannot reasonably be deferred. This notice requirement applies whether the key decision is to be taken by the Cabinet at a meeting, by the Executive Leader, the Executive Mayor, another Cabinet Member or by an officer without a meeting taking place.

Members of the public are entitled to obtain copies of the documents that will be relied upon when the decision is taken, unless they are exempt within the meaning of the Local Government Acts. These documents will be published, wherever possible, on the Council's website ( a number of days before the decision is due to be taken. Paper copies will be made available for inspection and purchase from Fenland Hall, County Road, March, Cambs, PE15 8NQ - telephone March (01354) 622357

Please note that the decision dates are indicative and occasionally subject to change. Please contact Anna Goodall, Head of Governance, on the above direct line if you wish to check the decision date for a particular item.

What is a Key Decision?

A Key Decision means an Executive decision (ie one taken by the Cabinet or an individual member of the Cabinet) which is likely to

  • result in the authority incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are, in excess of £100,000 either on its own or in partnership with other organisations;
  • be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area of the District comprising two or more wards.

The full definition of a Key Decision can be found in the Council's Constitution, which can be inspected, by appointment, at the address above.

For further information regarding the content and purpose of the Forward Plan and the associated decision-making process, please contact Anna Goodall, Head of Governance, on 01354 622357 or

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