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Find out more about what happens to your waste and recycling.



Recyclable waste that you put into your Blue Bin is taken to a transfer station in March. It is then moved to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) which is run by our contractors AmeyCespa in Waterbeach. This material is then sorted by type and sold to re-processors for manufacturing into recycled goods like newspapers, plastic bottles and glass products.

Watch a short video to see what happens when your recycling is collected and find out how easy it is to recycle around the home


Compostable waste from your Brown Bin also goes to the composting site at Waterbeach. The site can handle up to 40,000 tonnes of green waste per year. The material is composted in large covered bays over a period of 6-8 weeks. It is sold to farmers as soil improver. The non-recyclable waste from your green bin is treated to reduce its volume and biological activity, then landfilled.

  • Recycle Now

    Find out more about what you can recycle.

  • AmeyCespa Learning Zone

    More information about how your brown bin waste is composted, how your green bin waste is treated, with a video covering all of the activities at the site.

  • AmeyCespa Visitors Centre

    Schools and community groups can arrange visits to see how waste is processed at the Amey-Cespa site in Waterbeach.